Is Your Pet At Risk For Gum Disease?

Periodontal disease (gum disease) caused by the bacteria in plaque is a leading contributor to bad breath, tooth loss, bone loss, heart disease, and liver disease in dogs and cats.

Unfortunately, most of us aren't aware our pet may be suffering, as it's in their nature to hide pain. This can allow gum disease to go untreated resulting in further pain, discomfort, and even shortened lifespan.

Look for the signs:

  • Bad breath

  • Red or bleeding gums

  • Head shyness (not wanting head touched)

  • Trouble picking up food

  • Chewing on one side

  • Loose teeth

  • Sneezing

Because these symptoms usually signal already advanced gum disease, it's best to have your pet examined regularly by a professional even when there are no symptoms at all, and ask about gum health.

GingiShield® Can Help Protect Your Pet!

GingiShield is a clear, long-lasting antibacterial sealant applied to your pet's teeth by a veterinary professional during routine cleaning. The sealant neutralizes bacteria and inhibits plaque formation on teeth and along the gum line, helping to reduce the risk of periodontal disease.

Based on the FDA-approved DenteShield® sealant for human use, GingiShield® Antibacterial Enamel Sealant is the only long-lasting dental sealant with SELDOX® antibacterial protection available for veterinary use. 

GingiShield® is a clear, light-cured resin sealant applied by a veterinary professional at the time of cleaning and can last up to two years.

Ask your veterinary professional about GingiShield® Antibacterial Enamel Sealant - and take this information page with you on your next vet visit!  Or, contact us and we'll speak with your vet about offering GingiShield® for your pet.